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Passion fruit eclairs

Copenhagen-cakes-copenhagencakes-passionsfrugt-eclairs-2 I’ve got this deep and intense passion for eclairs. And for passion fruits. So try and imagine the joy when these things are combined in the form of passion fruit eclairs. It’s double the pleasure!<3

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Wednesday Inspiration: French eclairs

Quite often I come across a type of pastry that’s so amazing, that all I can think about is when I have time to create it myself in my own kitchen.

That exact feeling overwhelmed me earlier this spring when I Continue reading



Here’s a piece of pastry that blew my mind (and my tastebuds). I L O V E eclairs! I really, really do! I have been wanting to bake them for oh such a long time, but I was a bit frightened by the lenghty process and all of the little steps that had to be done to perfection in order to get the perfect eclairs. However, I threw myself in there, and in the end it turned out to be quite easy to bake and not at all as complicated as I had feared. And the best part? They taste absolutely amazing! I strongly encourage you to go ahead and bake your own eclairs.

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