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Pink champagne cupcakes

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and this means it’s time to fill your glasses with champagne. Yes! Finally! Buut you guys, why stop there?
I LOVE champagne, and therefore I felt like experimenting with adding it to my cupcakes. Guess what?! The result was phenomenal! This is quite a dangerous discovery, haha.

I used my basic recipe for vanilla cupcakes and substituted the milk with champagne. I had no idea if it was going to work or not. Would the champagne act weird during the baking process? Would it taste strange? Would it taste of anything at all? Once the cakes had finished baking and I took the first bite I burst out in happy cheers and did a little happy dance. The cakes actually tasted of champagne, and not too much, not too little. The taste is subtle and elegant, but it’s definitely there. A TRULY delicious cupcake!

I also added champagne to the frosting, making it a perfekt match for the cake. The frosting is light and airy and tastes perfectly sweet and champagne-ish. If I were to make these cupcakes again, I would maybe pipe a little less frosting on top of each cupcake. I mean, frosting is nice, buuuut I prefer a little more cake vs. frosting.

I decided to color these cupcakes pink because I thought they needed a bit of color. Having said that, you could just as well keep them neutral, which would actually make them appear more champagne-colored.
I decorated them with a white sprinkle mix to add a bit of festive feel to them. I thought the little white balls in different sizes reminded me of the bubbles in the champagne, so they were perfect for topping. Remember to add your sprinkles immediately after the frosting’s been piped, making the sprinkle easier to stick on to the frosting. This frosting will turn just a little bit hard after a while, and the sprinkles will bump off if you wait too long.

I’m about to head back into the kitchen again, because my baking cravings have not yet been set. I’ll have a new NYE recipe ready for you tomorrow – make sure to check back in.

Enjoy <3

Ingredients (makes 24-26 mini cupcakes)
120 g all-purpose flour
140 g sugar
1½ tsp baking powder
A pinch of salt
40 g butter, room temperature
120 g champagne
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
Pink food coloring

  • Preheat your oven to 170 ºC.
  • Add flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and butter to a bowl and whisk until the texture becomes sandy.
  • While stirring, slowly add half of the champagne.
  • In a new bowl, whisk the egg with vanilla extract and the remaining champagne. Add a bit of pink food coloring.
  • While stirring, pour the pink egg mixture into the bowl with the flour mixture. Stir until the texture is nice and even. Add more food color if needed.
  • Pour the cake batter into the cupcake cups. Remember to only fill them about ⅔ up, making room for the cupcakes to rise.
  • Bake the cupcakes for about 20-25 minutes.
  • Once they’re finished baking let them cool off completely before piping the frosting.

110 g butter, room temperature
470 g powdered sugar
60 g champagne
Pink food coloring

  • Pour the butter into a bowl of a stand mixer and whisk until it is soft.
  • Add a little but of powdered sugar and them a little bit of champagne, stirring in between. Keep adding more powdered sugar and champagne, alternating between the two, until everything has been added. Whisk on high speed until the frosting is light and fluffy. Add the food coloring.
  • Pour the frosting into a piping bag with a star nozzle and decorate the cupcakes and add the sprinkles at the end.

Chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel filling (and a secret is revealed!)


It’s cupcake time, yaaay!! Some would even call it their favorite time (myself included)! It’s been quite a while since a last posted a cupcake post here on the blog, so I thought it was about time.

I’ve baked these chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel filling before, and since they were sooo extremely good I immidiately knew I wanted to bake them again when I had guests coming over this weekend. These cupcakes consist of a delicious chocolate muffin filled with salted caramel and topped with an intens dark chocolate frosting. This frosting is a new version I hadn’t tried before, but it turned out pretty well I must say, and therefore I decided to share the recipe with you.

And oh, it’s about time I include you guys in a little secret I’ve been keeping for quite a few months now…
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Mini chocolate cupcakes with blueberry frosting


Hey guys!

So it’s Monday again, and I’m totally ready for a new week. Hopefully this week will be a bit more calmer than last week. I think last week was probably one of the busiest weeks I’ve ever been through, and unfortunately the blog suffered a bit under that. On the bright side I’ve now got loads of great recipes and pictures ready to be shared with you since I’ve been baking for so many events. Last week I baked for events during Copenhagen Fashion Week, I baked for photoshoots for magazines, I took a short trip to Århus for a photo event, I went to the opening reception of Copenhagen Cooking and even also to a liquorice workshop. Phew! It’s sure been busy here in Copenhagen Cakes land, but I love it!

These cute and delicious little chocolate cupcakes I baked for the Danish fashion brand Noa Noa for their fashion week event in their beautiful flagship store in central Copenhagen. I had my own “show kitchen” in their store and I had brought no less than 500 small cakes that I presented and decorated in the shop. That was so much foun! And pretty hectical, because all the cakes were gone in less than 45 minutes…!
I guess that was a sign that people loved the cakes, haha.

Mini chokoladecupcakes (app. 25 cupcakes)
100 g all-purpose flour
20 g cocoa powder
140 g cane sugar
1,5 tsp baking powder
A pinch of salt
40 g butter, room temperature
1 egg
1,2 dl milk
0,5 tsp vanilla extract
60 g dark chocolate 70%, finely chopped

  • Preheat your oven to 170 °C.
  • Sieve flour, cocoa powder, cane sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Add butter and whisk until the texture is “sandy”.
  • In a new bowl whisk together egg, milk and vanilla extract.
  • Pour half og the egg mixture into the bowl with the flour while whisking at high speed. Whisk until the dough is smooth and without lumps.
  • Whisk at low speed while adding the rest of the egg mixture. Add the chopped chocolate and give it a short whisk.
  • Place your paper liners in a cupcake form and fill each cavity about ¾ leaving room for the cupcakes to rise.
  • Bake the cupcakes for about 20 minutes (or until a skewer inserted comes out clean) and let them cool off.


150 g butter, room temperature
200 g cream cheese, very cold
150-180 g icing sugar
3 tbs freeze dried blueberry powder
Purple icing color
Dried rose petals

  • Beat the butter at high speed for 3 minutes until the butter is light and fluffy. Add the cream cheese and beat the two together.
  • While beating, add the icing sugar a few table spoons at a time. Beat until everything is well incorporated. Add blueberrypowder and purple coloring and keep beating for a few minutes, until the frosting is fluffy.
  • Spoon the frosting in a piping bag with a nozzle and decorate the cupcakes. Decorate with dried rose petals and your cupcakes are ready to serve.