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Chocolate pie with Oreo crust


I love Oreos! I mean, don’t we all?

And if there’s something I love more than Oreos, it would be Oreos used in cakes! I’ve made quite a few cake recipes with Oreos, for example cupcakes, milkshakes and of course also cheesecakes.
But here I used Oreos in a new way; in a chocolate pie.

And guess what? It’s exactly as delicious as you’d might imagine! Continue reading

Chocolate Pecan Pie


Hi weekend bakers!

There’s this very special pie that I’ve been wanting to bake for many many years now. Why I haven’t baked it until now is a mystery. I’ve actually even shopped for the ingredients several times, but I always ended up using them for something else before I came to baking the pie.

The pie I’m talking about is a chocolate pecan pie Continue reading

Summery Danish Strawberry Tart

I’ve got strawberries on my brain! All day every day. The Danish strawberry season is happening RIGHT NOW guys. And these red little tasteful fellas are the best. Don’t get me started… They’re obviously best enjoyed in the form of a classic Danish strawberry tart (or to).
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Three wonderful cakes in pretty settings


Last year the sweet people from Normann Copenhagen reached out and asked me if I was up for creating some of my cakes and shooting them in a Normann Copenhagen setting. “Yes of course!” I answered. I am always up for baking my favorite cakes, and when getting the chance to also shoot them with beautiful tableware in nice settings I’m all in! Continue reading

Gooseberry and raspberry tart

Here’s a great recipe for all of you with a tendency for late night dessert cravings. This tart takes no time to batch together, of course provided you have the recipes on hand. It reminds me of summer with the berries and the fresh taste – a tart like this makes the grey month of February slightly more managable. Continue reading