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Blue ombre vanilla layer cake with blueberries

Many months ago I was given this very fun challenge: Bake a cake for World Ocean Day. I was free to decide how it should look like and what it should taste like, so I took the opportunity to create a blue ombre cake that I had wanted to bake for a long time. I decorated it perfectly ocean themed, and I really like how the result turned out.

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Chocolate layer cake with Nutella frosting

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

This cakes really makes me happy – it doesn’t take any more than this. I made the cake with three large layers of my favorite chocolate cake, and between the layers I added a generous layer of my newest obsession: Nutella frosting. Continue reading

Video recipe: Three tiered carrot cake


This post is a very special post to me, because it has been many months in the making, and I have been so excited to share it with you all. The thing is, I have been part of something super fun, crazy and “out-of-my-comfort-zoney” all at the same time. In the beginning of the year I had a full camera crew camping in my apartment, video documenting a whole week of me baking in my kitchen.

I have been so nervous and at the same time excited to finally reveal the project to you all, and today marks the release of my first two videos. At last!

The videos have been made as part of the Mig og min mad-project, a new Danish recipe forum presenting a small group of very talented food bloggers doing what they do best; Cook their own food in their own kitchens. I honestly would have never thought that I’d be one to get hooked on baking in front of a camera, but I’ve discovered that this is a format that I really like – it is so much easier to explain the baking process in sounds and moving pictures, in stead of just in writing.

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Cake styling inspiration #2: Chocolate sauce

Easter holidays are now over, and to me it seems like the days have flown by quicker than ever. I’m so happy I got to have this Monday off as well, to just spend some extra time baking some cakes and having some photoshoots done before it’s back to the real world again tomorrow.
I hope you all had some amazing Easter days, and of course that you had the chance to get some baking done.

This is part two of the series “Cake styling inspiration”, where I show you some easy yet beautiful ways to decorate your cakes. Make sure you visit my first blogpost in this series, where I show you how to create a colorful yet simple tall birthday cake. This time I want to show you a beautiful tall and minimalistic cake I created, where the real star of the show truly embodies the essence of foodporn: seductive and glossy runny stripes of chocolate sauce.

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Three wonderful cakes in pretty settings


Last year the sweet people from Normann Copenhagen reached out and asked me if I was up for creating some of my cakes and shooting them in a Normann Copenhagen setting. “Yes of course!” I answered. I am always up for baking my favorite cakes, and when getting the chance to also shoot them with beautiful tableware in nice settings I’m all in! Continue reading