7 things that frustrate me in the kitchen

You know what, it’s not always a fairytale being in the kitchen all day long. Even though I LOVE baking and wouldn’t mind doing it 24-7, it certainly does have its drawbacks. First of all there’s washing the dishes, then there’s the cleaning up and there’s also quite some frustrations during cooking/baking (oh yes, far from all of my baking adventures end happily).

When being in the kitchen, there’s a few things that always sends shivers down my spine. We’re talking the kind of annoyance that almost leaves me yelling and pulling my hair! I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, you must all know that feeling, right?!

So here’s a list the 7 things frustrates me the most when baking/being in the kitchen. And hey, please share your thoughts and additions in the comment section below. I surely can’t be alone?

Here is the list of 7 things that frustrate me in the kitchen:

  1. Tempering chocolate. I try to avoid doing this. It’s requires some technical skills, it’s super difficult, it’s time demanding and no matter how hard I try I still fail every now and then. Frustrating? Ohhh yes!
  2. Hazelnuts. Why are hazelnuts so “in” in desserts and cakes right now? For me, I feel like the taste of hazelnuts overpowers everything that it touches. So a big no thank you from me.
  3. Cleaning a sieve. What’s even worse is, if you don’t do it immediately the leftover food stiffens and gets totally stuck. Sometimes I fantasize about just throwing the sieve away and buying a new one to escape the cleaning struggles…
  4. The sounds the oven, dishwasher and microwave make when they’ve finished. I seriously get goosebumps when I hear those awful beep sounds. And to make it even worse, I somehow always time it so badly that the beeping starts right when my baby’s just fallen asleep…
  5. Whipping cream. Maybe you find this one funny. Whipping cream should be the easiest thing to do in the dessert kitchen. But somehow I always loose both focus and sense of time when whipping away, and whoops, the second I look down, the whipped cream is grainy and separated.
  6. That it’s been two months since I put up the tiles in our kitchen, and I still haven’t finished the last small details. I have a guilty conscience every time I enter the kitchen and those tiles are just staring at me.
  7. That I felt like a real determined go-getter and power woman when I decided to put up the tiles myself and it turned out to be the craziest and most time consuming project ever due to our uneven kitchen walls. But alas, there’s a DIY kitchen tiles blogpost on the way!

One thought on “7 things that frustrate me in the kitchen

  1. Kaylee

    I’m in total agreement with 2 through 4! Of course I always start the dishwasher before heading to bed, and of course it always wakes me up when it’s finished, grrrrr. There should be a silencing button.


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