Lemon Meringue Pie ice cream and decorated waffle cones


If you ask me, the symbol of the arrival of summer is when it’s time for the first ice cream cone. There’s definitely something very special about that first cone of the year. Unfortunately the Copenhagen weather has been a b*itch this spring, if I may be so direct. We’ve had now in April. SNOW! I’m in desperate need of sunny weather, both for my mood in general but also so that the light in my photo studio gets better, and obviously so that I have an excuse for eating more ice cream Continue reading

Couronne with dried fruits

Photo: Andreas Raun Arneberg

What a crazy weather we’ve had here in Copenhagen today. It feels like we’ve seen all four seasons in just a few hours. I almost didn’t believe my own eyes when it started snowing and storming, but now only a few hours later the sun is shining like never before. I’m longing for an evening walk along the canals.

So today I want to share with you a very special piece of pastry: A couronne Continue reading

Video recipe: Meringue “popsicles”

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I want to thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback I got since releasing my first video recipe (the infamous layered carrot cake, mmmm….).As you may have guessed, this video thing was not a one-time story – I have even more videos to show you. And now I can finally release the next in the serial. This time we’re looking at something purple pastel colored and meringuey crisp: I call them meringue popsicles.

These meringue popsicles have become quite a fun little baking project, that I tend to spend some time doing every now and then. They’re actually so quick to whip together, and the great thing is that I really enjoy the creativity that this project allows me to explore. There’s absolutely no right or wrong when piping – everything is possible.

Take a look at the video here below. It’s in Danish, but as you know a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

You can find the recipe Continue reading

Chocolate layer cake with Nutella frosting

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

This cakes really makes me happy – it doesn’t take any more than this. I made the cake with three large layers of my favorite chocolate cake, and between the layers I added a generous layer of my newest obsession: Nutella frosting. Continue reading

A new obsession: Cardamom rolls

Photo: Andreas Raun Arneberg

I want to try to not act too overwhelmed as I’m introducing these cardamom rolls to you guys – ’cause I feel like everytime I share a recipe I’m always over the moon with how much I’m in love with that particular cake. But hey – I only share the best recipes with you, so allow me to be super excited once again.

I really REALLY love these cardamom rolls. There – I said it <3

We all know of cinnamon rolls, which have been quite hyped (at least here in Denmark) for a long time now. And that is for sure very well deserved, because they’re sooo good. Well, picture a cinnamon roll with an extra kick of cardamom, because why not. You’re gonna love it too.
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