Gooseberry and raspberry tart

Here’s a great recipe for all of you with a tendency for late night dessert cravings. This tart takes no time to batch together, of course provided you have the recipes on hand. It reminds me of summer with the berries and the fresh taste – a tart like this makes the grey month of February slightly more managable. Continue reading

My guide to Curaçao

Copenhagen-cakes-curacao-43Copenhagen-cakes-curacao-44It’s only been about 14 days since I came home from the best vacation of my life, and yet it feels almost a lifetime away. I’m guessing the cold Copenhagen weather is what makes Curaçao seem so distant. Luckily I’ve got more than 1500 photographic memories on my camera, and of course my mind filled with pictures from paradise. Judging from the comments on my Curaçao-pics on Instagram you guys are really interested in knowing more about Curaçao so of course I’ve been wanting to share my experiences and recommendations. Continue reading