The perfect start: Matcha bowl for breakfast

Living in Copenhagen it’s hard not to see matcha everywhere I look. Many cafés in Copenhagen are now serving matcha in all possible kind of ways, for example as matcha lattes or as matcha bowls. I have to admit I’m pretty crazy about it.
I’ve actually baked with matcha a few times before. The fine powder adds the most lovely green color to the cake and it also adds a really interesting and good dimension to the taste. Find my recipe for matcha and raspberry tart here.

Recently I’ve been making this greenlicious matcha bowl for breakfast a lot. It literally takes no more than 1 minute to prepare. It’s SO good, very filling and it tastes amazing when topped with fresh fruits and berries.
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Manglende overblik over din økonomi?
NETS er ude med en ny APP der kan hjælpe dig!

Summery Danish Strawberry Tart

I’ve got strawberries on my brain! All day every day. The Danish strawberry season is happening RIGHT NOW guys. And these red little tasteful fellas are the best. Don’t get me started… They’re obviously best enjoyed in the form of a classic Danish strawberry tart (or to).
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Passion fruit eclairs

Copenhagen-cakes-copenhagencakes-passionsfrugt-eclairs-2 I’ve got this deep and intense passion for eclairs. And for passion fruits. So try and imagine the joy when these things are combined in the form of passion fruit eclairs. It’s double the pleasure!<3

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Wednesday Inspiration: French eclairs

Quite often I come across a type of pastry that’s so amazing, that all I can think about is when I have time to create it myself in my own kitchen.

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Striped frosting tutorial

Striped frosting! YAY!

It’s time for yet another post in my “baking school”. My mission is to show all of you guys how easy it is to add that extra layer of creativeness to your baking – and in this instance to your cupcakes.

This time it’s all about stripes, and they can certainly be made in a lot of different ways. For now I’m showing you how to create stripes by simply

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